Monday, June 28, 2010

Kelly Wants Some Shoes

I've been killing for a new pair of lolita shoes lately... I've been working with my Dr. Martens and a pair of rocking horse boots since I've accumulated a decent sized wardrobe. I think it's time to actually go for a new pair of shoes. I just have to remind myself that I need shoes, not boots since I always seem to come back to boots. Here's a few I've had my eyes on!

While there isn't a ton of stuff that actually has card suits on it in my wardrobe, I kind of have a huge weakness for them. I've always loved this style of shoes. Maybe I can get more card suit related items in my wardrobe and then I can justify actually getting them.

I wasn't a huge fan of this style of shoe at first, but it's really grown on me since I've seen them actually worn in different coordinates. They come higher up like boots while still being a shoe which is something I really like.

Rocking horse shoes were something I hated with a passion when I first saw them. The wooded bottom always made me think of an old wood paneled station wagon for some reason. As I became more and more serious about lolita, they started to grow on me, too. Now, I would love to have these shoes. I'm leaning towards this pair as my next pair.

I've always liked these shoes. I originally was in love with the black and white ones but as I've gotten more prints, colors, and solid black pieces in my wardrobe, I've decided plain black would be the best way for me to go so I can get the most use out of them.

So what ones do you like best? I think I know what I want but I can't seem to actually make up my mind. I'd love to hear your opinions!


  1. ooh, buying new shoes is so difficult. Fun, but difficult!
    I like the second pair best though, of the ones you posted :)

  2. The more I think about it the more I like those ones XD I may try to get both ^ ^

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SECOND PAIR. They will match so many of your outfits and just seem to be "you"