Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Candy Violet Review: Fluffy Petticoat

I'm at it again. I decided I needed a better petticoat. Not that the one I have isn't good, but it just doesn't give that ridiculous amount of poof that one of these guys from Candy Violet is supposed to give. I placed my order on June 14th and received an automated message to let me know that my order went through. The website states that it can take up to a week for items to ship. Vivcore does not charge your card until your package ships. They do not accept Paypal. I received a shipping notice on June 18th from UPS letting me know that my package had been shipped along with its tracking information. This tracking information said my package should arrive on June 22.

Sorry about the sideways picture... the photo uploader refused to cooperate -_-'

The package arrived on June 22 just as the tracking information said it would. It kind of stuffed into an envelope but since these petticoats give poof based on having several layers of ruffles instead of being held up by tulle, this didn't really have a chance at deflating it. Regardless, I don't like seeing petticoats packed like this.

The petticoat itself is definitely very fluffy and soft. I have no complaints there. I do however feel that the elastic on these petticoats is terrible. I realized that these petticoats are simply Malco Mode petticoats, so I don't blame Vivcore for the terrible elastic waist. The elastic is not actually sewn into the waist. When I unbuttoned it to put it on, the two side of the elastic band retreated into the waistband and made it quite difficult to actually pull them out and button it. The website does say that the petticoat should fit between a 21-36 inch waist. The elastic as is, is quite tight and uncomfortable on my 29 inch waist. I'll definitely be replacing it.
Now for the poof factor. I've seen this petticoat in action and have been quite impressed. Now that I've replaced the elastic, I can easily show you how this petticoat holds up once its got a skirt over it. However, I found that it is a little bit too long (or maybe I'm just too short...). I also found that the poof was too much to fit under my BTSSB skirts. It JUST fit under my JSKs. Since both of these issues make it unwearable, I had it shortened by about 2 inches. Somehow this also lessened the poof to a wearable level (Don't ask me how that works, my mother is the seamstress, not me XD) Now for the part you've all been waiting on!

I don't feel that this picture even does it justice. This thing has some serious poof. It kept hitting the furniture and doorways in my house while I was walking around with it on. I think it would be ideal for hime lolita.


Communication: 5/5 Candy Violet was great about letting me know that my payment was received and my item was shipped. They even provided me with a tracking number. No complaints here.

Shipping: 5/5 I chose the UPS shipping option and I received my package right on schedule. She shipped quite promptly.

Quality: 4/5 While the elastic sucked to put it nicely, it was extremely easy to fix. The rest of the petticoat is great though. It's extremely soft and does provide a ton of poof.

Overall, I'm really happy with Candy Violets service. For the price I paid I would liked to have not had to fix the elastic, but that's more a problem with Malco Mode than Candy Violet. I would definitely do business with her again.

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