Friday, February 27, 2009

A Long Past Due Recap of Comic Con '09: Day 1

Hehe....So I fail....Almost a month after the NY Comic Con, I am actually posting my blog about it hehe. Because there's so much to talk about I am going to break it up hehe.... Ok ok.... This is really so I can procrastinate and take more time to write the second half... Here we go...

Day 1
So Day 1 started with us getting up super early to dress up in lolita. As I predicted in an earlier blog Alexis was most def. a grumpy Gary. We'll fast forward ahead to the leaving of the hotel as the rest of that is kind of boring... We stepped outside of the hotel to realize exactly how freaking cold it was outside... We ended up waiting for a bus for pretty much forever... While waiting for the bus some other fellow con goers requested pictures with us.... Being as cute and sweet as we were we agreed....If only we knew how many photos we would be in that day.... We tried to escape the cold by going into this little bakery that the bus stop was outside of and we bought cannoli ^ ^ It should be said here that little kids seemed to be overly happy at the sight of us in our ruffles and lace. This little girl probably thought we we're princesses as she could not stop smiling. So once we got to the con, we had to wait in line.... except not really ^ ^ Because we are loved we were hooked up and got to skip ahead of the exhibitors line ^ ^ On hindsight I really wish I had went to see how long the line for the average convention goer was like... So we got in and went to our booth space....But RockStar Games had kind of overtaken it... Unfortunately these things never go easy I guess.... we ended up getting a much better booth space though... So we got to work setting up Eric's booth until we got distracted.... Whoever thought it would be a good idea to put us in close proximity to a video game booth where we could play FEAR for extended periods of time is either an idiot or a genius...

We started by taking some test thingy where they stuck these things on our heads... Then this dude took notes and asked us questions....

Not to call the dude out or anything but... I remembered WAY more than Alexis and she somehow managed to score higher than me... I think someone's slacking on their job... XD

So FEAR 2 was really fun ^ ^ They had you sit in this cool chair and you had all sorts of monitors that monitored nothing...sigh for aesthetics.... It also had a camera so you could be self concious about whether or not your fake hair looked good while you killed things.

Unfortunately I am awful at FPS.... I blame my lack of experience with an XBOX 360 controller though....

After that we ran around the con for a few hours and accomplished nothing or in my case accomplished a lighter wallet... We spent way too much money on food and got our photos taken over 9000 times... Some people didn't even ask....Like the guy that took this photo...

This guy just jumped down on his knee about 20 feet away from us and snapped a ton of photos and RAN off..... He was referred to as "that one creeper" the rest of the con... We eventually went and signed up for the Conflux sealed event for later that night... We had to walk in front of the variant stage in order to get to the gaming area... There was an awful comedian doing some show... On our way back out... we had just gotten past the stage when we hear yelled into the mic "ARE THOSE LOLITAS!?!?" He went on to talk about how the say that the Japanese people are messed up. Then he corrected himself instead to say that its the entire race that is messed up. We lol'd a bit and continued on before he started to suck again. After a bit more con going we finally decided it was time to retire our frilly butts for the day....I flagged down my first cab ever and we headed back to the hotel. This cab ride was really pleasant and was a positive experience... Had I had my second cab ride as my first.... I would probably never get into another cab for the rest of my life. More on that in a moment...So we changed and it was time to head back to the con so I could be a loser and play in the EPIC! FNM Conflux release party... The cab ride back to the con was also quite EPIC!... He weaved in and out of the ways of other vehicles at speeds you would expect out of an amusement park ride. Every five seconds he needed to slam on the brakes to avoid killing all of us... At one point in time we were stuck at a traffic light long enough for me to fall asleep... wake up.... and ask Alexis "what's taking so long?" Guess what question I learned to never ask in a cab again.... Suddenly our cab driver veered out of traffic.... On to the sidewalk...Now I'm not talking about cutting across the corner... He actually drove on the sidewalk for a good 50 feet and then ran the red light that we had been waiting at... Within 5 minutes we were back at the con...slightly shaken but thankfully alive... We then made our way back to the gaming room...I placed 20th out of 42 so I am quite content with that plus I ended up having a few things to lol about there as well... Me and Alexis drew a lot of attention being the only 2 attractive girls out of the 5 that were in a room of 60 guys -_-' We got there like a half hour early and sat down at a table by ourselves... I marveled at how the chair was able to support this one guy at the table next to me and we were eventually graced by the presence of this kid...

I'll leave it to Alexis to talk about this kid.... I was a bit too busy building my deck but wow this kid could talk. Alexis couldn't have made it more clear that she didn't want to talk to this kid and he just kept going on and on.... He still kept going even after she told him she was a lesbian! Finally he left after what seemed to be an eternity... But back to my awesome pulls... Not only did we get 3 FNM promos...but I opened up a foil Maelstrom Archangel!

My first match was good ^ ^ I owned the kid the first match and barely lost the second. We went into overtime for the last match and the guy was nice enough to forfeit as I would have killed him the next turn anyway had we not had the 5 turn clock on us... The look on his face is what losing looks like as a facial expression.... Make sure you take note of my large but not obnoxiously large D20....

My second and fourth matches were awful to me hehe I was destroyed both times.... My third match was interesting... The kid claimed he got shitty packs but really I think he was just a bad player... I destroyed him both games and I would have taken photos of his fail but we were too busy being told that we looked like we were 16 while he stared at Alexis's tits.... They were calling him was his excuse XD... Alexis was displeased...I however was very amused... Regardless I feel that this deserves a victory pose ^ ^

Anyway... That about sums up the first day ^ ^ I'll eventually post a blog about the other 2 days ^ ^ BTW... This is pressure for Alexis to write her recap as well.....

Stolen from Travy....

25 Random Things about Me

1. I enjoy buying cute and expensive clothing that I will likely never wear and then have a hard time selling it even though I could make a ton of money from it.
2. I am insecure about my figure.
3. I am insecure about my ability to use the languages I've studied
4. I can't really trust people
5. While I have no problem telling someone "no" I have great difficulty giving anyone a straight answer with the word "yes" in it especially when the question has anything to do with me.
6. I am very good at schadenfreude
7. I've never done any drugs
8. I used to be terrified of a red pick up truck that was parked on the other side of the street from me when I lived in Chenango Forks.
9. I had to go to an extra kindergarten because I was too anti-social when I was little.
10. I rather enjoy listening to Britney Spears and am very capable of "rocking out" to Nsync.
11. I love playing FPS however I am awful at them...
12. I can't roll my "r"
13. I once saw a toad play Frogger IRL and lose...
14. I am a bit of a light weight when it comes to alcohol
15. Shower Gel and perfume of choice: Sensual Amber from Bath & Body Works and Paris Hilton EDT
16. Repetition in speech is highly irritating to me.
17. My lucky number is 17
18. I would probably do just about anything to get the Princess Drop JSK in black by BTSSB...
19. I love Mrs. Grass soup but after finding bugs in a box in my cupboard I have had a hard time eating it without obsessively checking for bugs.
20. It is nearly impossible to get me to talk about my feelings as I will dance around the topic and talk about everything but what's actually on my mind.
21. Tentacles = Lullzworthy
22. When I was little I wanted to be a scientist.
23. My first console was the SNES with the Lion King, Pinocchio, and Super Mario World.
24. I don't like to be home alone at night because I am paranoid that someone will try to break in.
25. Mountain Dew is the reason Pepsi trumps Coke...

Friday, February 6, 2009

New York City FTW

So I am in New York City now ^ ^... And we didn't get lost in New Jersey for the second time in my life! We are staying in a Sheraton...Its kinda tiny but it works for our small group of four.... I'm currently typing from my mother's mini laptop therefore typing errors are likely to be abundant in the upcoming blogs. The ride down wasn't bad... I'm quite tired but can't seem to actually sleep... I blame my current 3a.m. lifestyle.... meh... We went to Friendly's on the way down.... See Alexis's blog for stories on that... hehe.... But yeah tomorrow at 6:30 we will be getting up and no doubt Alexis will be quite the grumpy Gary....We will be super cute in matching Alice and the Pirate sets though.... So its worth it... The con opens at like noon I think so we will have quite a bit of time to wander after we get Eric all set up... I need to locate a few booths.... the Squishables booth is a must because I need an octopus.... ^ ^ It should be a good time.... I feel like I'm just rambling now though....So this blog is officially done for the night ^ ^

I'm a high school lover, and you're my favorite flavor
Love is all, all my soul
You're my Playground Love

Yet my hands are shaking
I feel my body remains, themes no matter, I'm on fire
On the playground, love.

You're the piece of gold the flushes all my soul.
Extra time, on the ground.
You're my Playground Love.

Anytime, anyway,
You're my Playground Love