Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another Renaissance Festival Coordinate

I have finally gotten to confirm my plans to go to the NY Renaissance Festival in Tuxedo, NY. I'm quite excited as this will not only be my first time there, but It'll also be my first opportunity to wear my new Marie Antoinette JSK. Sadly, I don't really have the time or money to run out and buy all new things to go with it, so I'm only working with what I already have for this coordinate.

While the socks and the bag aren't perfect matches, they match much better than a lot of my other socks and accessories would. I'm glad that I'll actually be able to make use of the Perfume Bottle socks from Meta since I received them in an LP and I kind have this thing where I don't like to sell socks new or used. The bunny bag is the only thing I'm not completely happy with though. I figure that a pink bunny bag will match a lot better than an AP Piano bag in pink or black, as those are really my only other options.

So what do you think? I'll be posting pictures when I blog about the festival of course. Please feel free to tell me what you think!

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