Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Bi-Annual Wardrobe Post

I've seen a lot of blogs lately doing wardrobe posts, and I feel like hopping on this bandwagon. So off we go! Here's my wardrobe as of September 1st!

Short Blouses:

I've got a slightly larger variety of brands when it comes to my blouses than I do the rest of my wardrobe. A few of them were thrifted or clearance rack buys. I've got one each from BTSSB, AatP, Meta, and AP. I'd like to get a few more styles of short sleeve blouses. I don't really ever wear long sleeve blouses so it'd be worth it. I'd really like a black blouse with a slightly lower neckline. The one I have now is pretty high and not super comfortable in the summer.


I prefer short sleeves for my shirts. I like my cutsews to have the option to be worn with my everyday clothes since I don't get to wear lolita everyday. I always try to work my brand into my dailywear. I especially love my sailor cutsew. I'd love to get a hold of something that will go better with some of my skirts.

JSK 1:

These are my JSKs and 1 OP ^ ^. I mostly wear JSKs instead of skirts. I've got a larger bust as far as brand is concerned and that unfortunately keeps blouses from fitting nicely. The JSKs are a nice remedy to that. I especially love my Marie Antoinette JSK, my black Pocket Embroidery JSK and my Gathers Frill JSK. As one can see from my collection of dresses, I'm a very big BTSSB/AatP fan.


I don't wear skirts very often because I don't look very good in them. I don't like how they look on me with a blouse tucked in. Unfortunately, wearing my blouse untucked often looks just as bad. Oh well, I at least can wear them casually. I'm very grateful that my mum altered my BTSSB Border Print skirt to fit me though! I don't know what I should actually coordinate it with, but I'm excited to wear it.


I need some new purses. I'd love to get a black school bag. On retrospect, the piano bags were a bad choice. I figured they would match just about anything I bought, but that ended up being very far from the reality of it all. I need a basic or plain black bag. I've got my eyes on the lookout for one.


My shoe collection recently doubled and I'm quite happy about that. The first pair is An~Tai~Na. The 3 pairs in the middle are from Montreal. The sneakers on the far right are from AatP. At some point in time I'd like to maybe get a nice pair of brown boots or shoes along with maybe a pair of pink shoes to go with the one pink JSK I have.



This is my brand sock collection. I tend to buy printed socks from brands since I can find other pretty knee high or OTK socks at mainstream stores fairly easily. All of them are from BTSSB, AatP, Meta, and AP.


My parasol collection is small, but I don't really have a need for a ton of parasols. I really only need a black and a white one. I may invest in a pink one at some point in time simply because the white one is a bit too elegant to go terribly well with sweet lolita. I love parasols though, it's sad I don't get to use them more though.

And that's the bulk of my wardrobe ^ ^ Thanks for looking. I'd eventually like to find a few filler pieces like a bolero or a cardigan that didn't look frumpy on me. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a hold of something like that soon. Perhaps at NY Comic Con this year? Have any of you gone through your wardrobes lately and what pieces do you feel you need or are going to cut from your wardrobe?

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