Friday, August 13, 2010

Winning is Awesome!

A while back, I entered a bunch of people's blog giveaways. I never expect to win any of these things since I've never had much luck with these kinds of things, but I was really surprised and happy to have finally won something! And what makes this even better was that the contest I won was the one contest that I said to myself it would be really awesome to win!

So what did I win? I won a cute little book full of crafts from Etoile Carnivale, which is a cool blog about Japanese Fashion. The book is an older Gosu Rori craft book from around 2006. There are plenty of little tutorials in it such as head bows, jewelry, and bags. My personal favorites are the two bead and ribbon crowns and the eye patch it shows you how to make. I think next time I find myself at the craft shop, I may pick up the materials to give it a try!

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