Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On First Days and Disappointment

Today was my first day back to classes. I started the day sleeping till about a half hour before I had to go like I normally would before French class....Of course I managed to get sick... I suppose these things happen but it doesn't make it suck any less. Today's agenda had 5 items on it.
-Refund Check
-Ling Book

French went well. There are way too many kids in the class but that will change I am sure of it. Most of the kids I was forced to talk to seemed nice enough. I had already had the teacher before so there were no suprises... After that I hurried off to Logic because I was super excited for it and wanted to be there on time.

Long story short, Logic sucks. The teacher is quite possibly one of the biggest assholes I've come across in quite some time... This is quite impressive considering I work in retail.... You lose 20 points for being absent. Absent is defined as being absent, late, leaving early, or taking a bathroom break. If this wasn't ridiculous enough, he insists that a lecture hall (150 college students) sit in assigned seating. I'm not going to lie the guy could be pretty entertaining... but for the most part he spewed mostly anti republican doctrine and made some somewhat offensive comments (one of which outraged my mother when she heard about it) Needless to say...I have unregistered from his class and will be attending Turkish Language and Culture tomorrow... It should be a good time....I will be quite upset if it isn't...

I went to Japanese class expecting it to be awful. I even had that nervous sick feeling. Fortunately everything went great. The sad amount of Japanese that i retained after fumbling through JPN203 came back really quickly and the rumors of my teacher being a bitch seem largely untrue... Hopefully she stays this way. I need to work hard this semester because I want to be able to function when I go to Japan next spring...so hopefully I will not screw up.

Tomorrow I have to go to that new Turkish class... Japanese and Linguistics.... Wish me luck... Hopefully I won't need it ^ ^

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