Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Clobba Online Review: Emperor and Nightingale Coat

Hello Everyone! Sorry about the lack of posts over the past month or so. I don't really have an excuse but I've got quite a few plans to blog about coming up soon so you'll be hearing more from me!

I ordered this coat from I started my ordering process on 12-7-10. I sent an email to ask about shipping prices before I ordered and they got to me within 12 hours. They gave me prices for EMS, SAL, or SEA mail. They have a DHL option listed on their site but it may not be available for all items or something since they didn't give me a quote for it. I ordered the Emperor and Nightingale Coat in Black with the optional mantle. I had some issues getting their order form to load on 2 of my 3 computers but I was able to place my order later that night.

By the time I woke up the next day (12-8), I had received my invoice. I paid immediately and they confirmed that they received my payment shortly after. They did not tell me how long it would take for them to actually ship the item. On 12-16, I sent them an email asking when my order was going to ship. I received a response the same day from them stating:

"The coat set is not ready yet. The supplier is making a new batch at the moment. There were a few left from the previous batch but they ran out too fast. I will email you once it's ready. :) "

On 12-26, I sent another email to ask about when they were expecting to receive the coats and received an email back a couple of days later.

"The coat will need another 2-3 weeks. The supplier is still doing the embroideries for all the coats at the moment. :)"

I asked for another update on 1-11 and expressed my concern about how long it was taking.

"Please give me an update on the status of my order. It has been more than 1 month since I sent payment. (8th of December) There is nothing stated on your website that the items were out of stock. Since I paid through paypal, I am only covered for 45 days from date of payment. I am starting to get concerned since this time limit is fastly approaching."

They responded the same day with a link to their feedback on EGL and the following:

"The embroidery is still not done. There are more coats in this batch as this will be the last batch before the holiday begins. The supplier will not make more of these coats after the holiday as spring collection will be coming then. Most Infanta pieces does not need to be manufactured. But this coat runs out too fast everytime after a new batch. So you will need to wait some times. Most customers ordering the Emperor and Nightingale coats are like that since this Oct. I'm sorry if there's any confusion."

On 1-23-11, I received another email from them to let me know that they had received the coats and that they would be shipping out as soon as possible. At this time, I asked if it would be possible to order something else with my order. They said I could but they warned me this time that it would take time because they were having issues receiving shipments from Dream of Lolita. I decided to have them just ship the coat for now. I received an email with a picture of my package and tracking number when they shipped it on 1-28-11.

I couldn't get my tracking number to work but I received the item on 2-4-11. I ripped it open without getting a picture but the picture they sent me works well enough XD. The coat was nicely folded in the package with the unattached back ruffle, jabot, and mantle. The back ruffle and jabot attach with pins and the mantle has a button. The coat came with an extra rose button and an extra pin. The wool is nice and thick and very comfy. The coat is fully lined and the fur is really soft. It is very warm and will definitely keep me warm in the northeastern winter.

Say hello to my new dress form that my Mum gave me for Christmas! Here's the coat without any of the extras.

With the mantle only

With the back ruffle

Without the back ruffle

Back ruffle close up

Jabot close up without mantle

Jabot close up with mantle

Jabot (Sorry about the sideways pictures here... For whatever reason it won't let me remedy that...)

Close up of crown charm. Unfortunately it is missing its rhinestone. It's not very noticeable but worth mentioning.

Close up of the cameo. The cameo feels a bit loose. I may have to sew it on tighter. It's made out of plastic and looks a little cheap under the flash of my camera but it's fine in real life.

There are long threads that weren't cut on the jabot. Not a big deal again, but worth mentioning. It's easy enough to snip them off.

The back of the jabot. The back ruffle attaches the same way.

The Infanta logo and crown embroidery

The embroidery of the bird cage. The birds eye is a little rhinestone as well. ^ ^

Overall, I am very happy with the coat. The delay was a little annoying but, it is understandable. I just wish that they had let me know about the delay before I had both placed and payed for my order. Would I order from them again? Most likely. The quality is great and it was well worth the money I spent on it. I'm thinking I may press my luck in the near future with their Dream of Lolita section since I really want one of those nice spade purses! Thanks for reading! I'll do my best to post more often! And on an unrelated note, Binghamton now has two lolitas! We've been hanging out and it is wonderful! But more on that later! ^ ^


  1. I've loved that story since I was little--It's really neat to see a coat design based on it! The wait does sound annoying--I'm glad it got there safe though. I'm particularly drooling over that back ruffle. XD *must make self a lolita coat sooon*

  2. I LOVE this coat. Its fantastic! the little bird cage is what really gets me and sells the item to me. <3

    I would have been so nervous too with how long it was taking for them to ship it; but it also makes it special knowing you have such a piece of art huh? ^_^

  3. I'm actually the other lolita's friend - Kate, isn't it? I got her into lolita and I was wondering who the other one was. :) Nice to meet you!

  4. Oh I envy you so much. For having this amazing coat, and for having this amazing stand to put it on!

  5. I actually bought a different coat from them and got the same jabbot. There is no rhinestone in my crown either, and my brooch part is also floppy. I took some black thread and just stitched through it on the bottom to keep it from flopping and it seems to work well enough.

  6. Thank you for this review! I just found out about this site and a few days ago had sent them a message regarding an order and they got back to me within 24 hours. Do they charge a fee at all for their services, or do you just pay for the items + shipping?